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RDS 1500 red light therapy device for facial skin beauty at home FDA led red light therapy medical 850nm 660nm equipment made in China

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1.Strong red light therapy panel - 1500w LED light therapy with 300pcs 5W LEDs 30 - degree glass lens improve the light efficiency and penetration, more easy to deep into the skin to reach the pain joint, over 161mW/ cm² irradiance. High - intensity target area treatment coverage, you can target your joints, face and full body every time;
  • 2.Daisy-chained - RDS1500 can work together with up to four panels by daisy-chained;
  • 3.Multiple use method light therapy - hanging on the door or lying down to enjoy the light therapy. They also could be assembled by the top hanging connectors;
  • 4.42mil RED 660nm & NIR 850nm Combined Mode - Combo deep red 660nm and near infrared 850nm. Deep red 660nm can stimulates collagen and cellular repair and increase circulation to promote a more vibrant. Near Infrared 850nm penetration of the skin promotes blood circulation, enhances metabolism, improves cell viability and regeneration, and accelerates wound healing;
  • 5.Simple control switches - 2 switches to control 3 modern red, infrared and combo red and infrared.

Product Details

FDA medical devices for skin at home

Commercial red light therapy lights for sale supplier from China

•LED Power: 1500w

•Dimensions: 27.2" x 8.7" x 2.3"

•Wavelength: 42mil RED and 660 and NIR 850

•Power Consumption: 352w

•Voltage: 100-240AC

•LEDs: 300pcs ×5w

•Beam Angles: 30 degree

•Lifespan: 100,000hrs

•Cooling Fans: 4pcs

•Irradiance: 161mW/cm²

•EMF Emission: Negligible

•Warranty: 3 years

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