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What is the difference of red light LED therapy light 1000w joovv vs reddotled RD1000

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Maybe you already know joovv well in the red light therapy. Now you should try to understand the excellent products of other brands in the same field and see what is different. Next, I will introduce to you the main advantages of our productsPlease read carefully, you will gain after reading, if not, please email me and I will improve

see more red light therapy devices:

First,42MIL RED 660NM AND NIR 850NM COMBINED MODE - Combine deep red 660 and near-infrared 850nm. The deep red 660nm can stimulate collagen and cell repair, promote blood circulation, and promote vitality. 850nm near-infrared light penetrating the skin can promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, improve cell viability and regeneration, and accelerate wound healing.

Second, Daisy-chained - RD1000 can work together with up to five panels by daisy-chained;

Tired, MULTIPLE USE METHOD LIGHT THERAPY - The Light therapy you can use at your home, table stand used for your face, hanging on the door for your body, or you can Hanging on the instrument, and Lying down and enjoying the light therapy.

Four, STRONG RED LIGHT THERAPY DEVICE - 1000W LED light therapy with 200pcs 5W LEDs 30-degree glass lens improve the light efficiency and penetration, easier to deep into the skin to reach the pain point, over 100mw/ cm² irradiance. High-intensity target area treatment coverage, you can target your knees on your face every time. Allowing the ability to connect multiple panels to create.

Five, INTELLIGENT TIMER CONTROL - Our red light therapy has three mode options, you can set time from 1 - 20 minutes. According to your needs, you can choose 10-14 times a week for 10-15 minutes. High-intensity target area treatment coverage, you can target your knees on your face every time.

Six, Modular design - We have the function of the wireless connection. It is convenient for you to connect several lights. We can connect several machines of the same type. We can choose one of them as a leader, and the other will stay in follow mode. So how to operate it? You just need to press all the buttons and the leader one is switched off. And you only need to control the leadlight, other lights will follow the lead light's instructions.

RD1000 therapy.png

• LED Power:1000W

• Wavelength: 42mil RED 660 and NIR 850

• Power Consumption: 235W

• Voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz

• LEDs: 200pcs x 5W

• Beam Angle: 30°

• Lifespan: 100,000hrs

• Cooling Fans:3PC

• Irradiance: 145mW/cm²

• EMF Emission: Negligible

• Dimensions: 18.9" x 8.7" x 2.3"

• Max Area: 46" x 34"

• Weight: 4.5KG/9.9LBS

• Best For: Targeted Treatment

•  Warranty:3 Years


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