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2020 New Red Light Therapy For Skin At Home Medical Grade Infrared Device 660nm FDA

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Red dot LED Light Therapy has FDA approved devices to help eliminate acne and reduce wrinkles. Red dot LED also offers pain relief devices that penetrate the neck, back, legs, and more. Infrared Light Therapy 660nm

Most Advanced Red & Infrared LED Therapy Lights Available. Clinical Grade LED Red Light Therapy Available For Home Use & Professional Use. FDA Listed. Highest Technology.

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Five advantages of products:

1. It emits a highly concentrated beam of 660nm & 850nm light down a 30-degree arc – highest irradiance.

2. Modular design, control 4 panels by a master one

3. Unique splicing design provides complete body coverage, suitable for athlete use.

4. Adjustable height wheel stand, enjoy your therapy time in any state.

5. Built-in programmable timer


Products details:

LED Power: 6000W

LEDs: 300X5W X 4pcs

LED Lifespan: 100,000 hours

Light Irradiance :161mW/cm²at 6 inch

EMF Emission: – Negligible

Wavelengths: 42mil RED 660nm & NIR 850nm

Size: 27.2" x 8.7" x 2.3"X4

Weight: 49KG

Warranty: 3 years

Mobile Stand: Yes


MOQ: 1pc


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